Our dog collars have a foundation of high quality nylon webbing and nickel-plated steel components for strength and durability. Collars may vary slightly as each is hand crafted, and the end result of the collar may change slightly depending on the width required and the print of the fabric. Online photos are a fair representation, but colors can vary slightly from the final product due to variances in monitor displays.


While Martingale collars are designed especially for dogs with heads smaller than their necks, such as greyhounds and whippets, they are also effective and comfortable for many other breeds. These collars have a gentle tightening action to prevent the dog from slipping out or backing out of the collar, and include a soft lining. The collar/leash combo is ideal for use as a slip collar in agility trials, as well as an option for training.

We offer 3 options: a separate, adjustable collar that slips over the dogs’ head, with a slider and D-ring to attach your lead; a collar/leash combo where the collar and leash are finished as one unit that slips over your dog’s head; and a custom single collar with no slider (non adjustable, slips over the head). These collars are meant for walks or outings only – please do not leave on your dog unattended or use as a tie out collar.

^ Martingale single collar with tab (adjustable) ^

^ Martingale collar/leash combo (adjustable) ^

^ Martingale custom collar (not adjustable – custom order) ^

Sizing – neck circumference [collar width]
S 10” – 14” [1″, 1.5″, 2″]
M 13” – 17” [1″, 1.5″, 2″]
L 16” – 20” [1″, 1.5″, 2″]
XL 19” – 24” [1″, 1.5″, 2″]

XS for custom Puppy/Toy dog collars available.
For sizing, soft tape measure around your dog’s neck at the smallest area (for hounds, just behind the ears).


^ 1″ attached matching leash combo ^ (matching material is on one side of the leash)

^ 1″ matching snap leash ^ (matching material is on one side of the leash)

To adjust your Martingale collar, move it up to the narrowest part of the neck. Gently move the slider towards the neck until comfortable. The two metal rings should close towards each other but not touch. With the correct size collar there should be about two to four inches between the metal rings to allow the collar to tighten if the dog tries to back out of the collar.


Buckle collars are the traditional style of dog collars which feature a black side release buckle, welded steel ring to attach the leash, and adjustable hardware. We offer both a 1” and a 1.5” width for medium and large dogs, and 5/8” width for smaller dogs. These collars are not recommended for use as tie out collars, but to be used as walking and house collars.

Sizing – neck circumference [collar width]
XS 9” – 13” [5/8”]
S 11” – 16” [5/8”, 1”, 1.5” ]
L 15” – 22” [1”, 1.5”]
XL 21” – 25” [1”, 1.5”]
XXL 24” – 34” [1”, 1.5”] (Contact us for ordering this size)


Sizing – neck circumference [collar width]
XS 5” – 9” [5/8”, 1”]
S 9” – 13” [5/8”, 1”]


Send us your design/material and we will make a collar from it.
Any collar can be custom made or sized for your dog – contact us with details. Measure your dog’s neck at mid point where you want the collar to lie and allow for a few fingers to fit between the tape measure and your dog’s neck. Since buckle collars are adjustable, it is recommended going up a size instead of going too small.


We describe limited slip collars as a combination of buckle and martingale collars, designed for dogs that back out of regular collars. They slip over the head, are adjustable, have no buckle and include a slip section that allows for a limited amount of tightening action. All designs are available for these collars.

Sizing – neck circumference [collar width]
S 9” – 13” [5/8”, 1”]
L 11” – 22” [1”]


The safety catch collar is a good option for large dogs where a regular buckle has the potential of breakage with a powerful pull. We use high quality buckles, but if the buckle should break, a safety catch will prevent the collar from breaking away. All designs are available for these collars.

Sizing – neck circumference [collar width]
S 11” – 16” [1”, 1.5”]
L 15” – 22” [1”, 1.5”]
XL 17” – 25” [1”, 1.5”]
XXL 24” – 34” [1”, 1.5”]


Quick release slip leads are useful for lure coursing and sprint racing. When looped through the D-rings, the lead drops away when the dog is released. The collars have a soft lining and include large D-rings for quick release.

Sizing – neck circumference [collar width]
S 10” – 14” [1.5”, 2”]
M 13” – 17” [1.5”, 2”]
L 16” – 20” [1.5”, 2”]

Standard leash length is 3 feet, but available in any length. Contact us for ordering these specialty collars.


Our leashes feature high quality nylon webbing and heavy duty welded steel snap hooks that swivel to reduce leash tangling. Matching leash designs begin below the handle so the handle stays flexible and comfortable. All leashes are standard in 5 foot lengths, however, any length is available – please specify when ordering.


Six numbered race jackets / blankets for straight or oval racing or 3 coursing jackets per set. Adjustable velcro tabs. Machine wash and air dry only.

Regular fits approx 27 – 39 lb whippets
Large fits approx 40 lb and up whippets


Our bitch panties are handy for incontinence, female dogs in heat etc. They have soft fleece and stretch between the legs for comfort and close fit. Plenty of velcro on the adjustable tabs to fit a large range of waist sizes. Large enough area between the legs for panty liners. We recommend that you attach the velcro to itself if you are machine washing with other items. Air dry only.

fits approx 27 – 39 lb female Whippets, Silken Windhounds etc


Our belly bands are useful for incontinence or dogs that have a tendency to lift a leg indoors. The optional inner pad absorbs liquid and has a waterproof barrier.
Plenty of velcro to fit a range of waist sizes and stretch on the edges for a close fit.

Medium 17″ – 22″  waist size
Large 20″ – 24″ waist size

We recommend that you attach the velcro to itself if you are machine washing with other materials. Air dry only.


Our collars are made to be strong and durable for regular use. Like all collars, we recommend checking the collar and leash on a regular basis to ensure that it remains in good condition. Hand or machine wash in a laundry bag on the delicate cycle using a mild detergent and temperature; air dry. Note that some fabric designs may fade with repeated washings, swimming or a lot of sun exposure. We don’t recommend these collars for long periods of immersion in water, eg swimming.